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Phone Services

At Gulpha Communications, we are known for our VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) services. With Gulpha Communications, you get to keep your existing phone number. In most cases, you can also keep your existing phone system. Enjoy the lower cost, unlimited nationwide calling and free support. Only at Gulpha Communications.

Cloud Based

Save money and have less down time with hosting your business's phone system in the cloud.

Keep your equpment

Want to keep your existing cordless or corded phones? We can Integrate with just about any system.

On The Go?

With the 3CX mobile app, you can take your professional phone service with you anywhere. This is great for food truck owners and other's that are on the go.

Professional Service

  • Greet Callers

  • Call Waiting Queue

  • Extensions for Staff

  • Video Calling

Whole System Refresh

Allow us to upgrade your office's entire phone system. We use the latest VOIP desk phones for superior sound quality, reliability, and security. 

Affordable Business Phone Services-2.png
Service Provider Only

Keep your existing equipment and swap to us for phone services. We can integrate with most existing PBX and corded or cordless telephones. 

3CX Software

Our services are powered by our software partner, 3CX.


3CX is known internationally for its reliable and powerful software. 

3CX Partner.jpg


With phone services starting at $50 per line a month, we offer competitive pricing and free technical support. Use the slider tool below to estimate your monthly phone bill with us.

NOTE: This price does not include DID fees, E911 fees, and taxes.

$50 A Month
Phone Lines
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