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Hosted VOIP

At Gulpha Communications, we are known for our VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) services. With Gulpha Communications, you get to keep your existing phone number, SMS text messaging, unlimited nationwide calling, and much more.

Cloud Based

Save money and have less down time with hosting your business's phone system in the cloud.

On The Go?

With the 3CX mobile app, you can take your professional phone service with you anywhere. This is great for food truck owners and other's that are on the go.

Professional Service

  • Greet Callers

  • Call Waiting Queue

  • Extensions for Staff

  • Video Calling

  • SMS Texting

3CX Software

Our services are powered by our software partner, 3CX.

3CX is a Voice Over Internet Protocol PBX solution. With advanced features like SMS, video conferencing, mobile app, Mac and Windows soft clients, and compatibility with a variety of VOIP desk phones.

3CX Partner.jpg

Mobile App

Powered by 3CX

Keep Your Personal Number Private

Transfer Calls & Record Calls

Affordable Business Phone Services.png

Make & Receive calls as if you're at the office

SMS Text Messaging Available

Desk Phones Available 

Lease or Purchase

Allow us to upgrade your office phone system. We use the latest VOIP desk phones for superior sound quality, reliability, and security. Purchase phones directly through us or lease at a low monthly price. 

For Pricing, please contact us.

Don't worry, we beat our competitors prices by a landslide! 


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